From A Woman’s Point of View

By Diana Hardinge


    • One so often hears the phrase, “Life is what you make it.” This has been my experience. At times it seems easier to let someone else take control. Daily life can be a very tedious pain and the path of least resistance is all too tempting. Letting others lead is a part of life. However, there comes a time when one must take control of one’s situation in life and change it. When watching lives around me, men seem much more adapt at taking control, though women adapt well to change. We, as women, on an individual basis and as a group, need to focus on giving the direction to our lives. This includes a search for, and discovery of, ourselves and the inner strength we possess. Our limits are only the limits we give to ourselves (another often repeated motivational phrase). Regardless of the end result, I fully believe the search should be for the way of live that gives one joy and fulfillment. Self-knowledge gives one a position of power when seeking the goals of life. Part of self-knowledge is learning to make decisions by oneself. Learning to rely on one’s self guidance can be a scary proposition. One never knows what fate will throw one’s way, and the fortitude to see through a situation alone, is a necessity in today’s world. It is also a valuable tool to address life. The more confidence a woman has in her own strength and abilities, the stronger she becomes. Give your daughters the power to change themselves. If women want to change the world we will have to start with ourselves. If we don’t make the changes needed in the world we have to plant the seeds so our daughters can. Anyone needs the ability to stand on their own feet. We need to teach our daughters who they are as individuals and as women. They need the strength to travel life alone. It should not be a need to travel life alone, but an ability, should the need or desire arise.

Sometimes when we define ourselves by our men, we do so out of an insecurity in who and what we are. That insecurity is scary. Are we that unsure of ourselves as women? We have to do the jobs, make the mistakes, learn, grow, and become. We mustn’t instill a fear of the world or the outdated notion that someone will take care of us because we are women. We, as women, must learn to care for ourselves. We can’t be divided as to who and what we are if we want to make lasting changes in our world. To heal this earth, to leave something for those who will follow us, will take communication and caring. We must learn to understand each other, communicate and care for each other. We should not be afraid of knowing who we are or that we are determined to influence the world we live in. And the world we live in is a world of relationships. Our relationships to each other, to nature and nature’s relationship to our survival as a species.

If one learns to have confidence in oneself, that confidence carries over into one’s relationships. It becomes a part of all of one’s relationships. One can therefore be in the relationship, not using the relationship to replace a lack of security, or an escape from reality. One doesn’t waste time searching for oneself within the relationship and can, therefore, be more in contact with and focus on the relationship itself and the entity it becomes. One can be part of that creation, not possessed by it. The more we teach and learn about being women and the abilities we posses the more we change our world and pave the way for those behind us to lead more production and fulfilling lives. And the strength with which we do this, becomes a strength of the world.