On My Side Of The Mountain

By Lee Cropp

something has been missing all year: honest, straightforward answers to simple, straightforward questions. Questions with a modicum of political intent and a saloon-sized thirst for reliable and trustworthy information from which to create a database for selecting a candidate to vote for.

It did not take long to figure out which sources not to trust. Very clearly, no, blinding clear- it was apparent that the politicians, political parties, special interest groups were not interested in true, factual data, even when it appeared to have the potential to serve them well. They were apparently prepared to go half way, but as my parental grandfather used to say, “If a man only uses half of the truth, does that make him half of a liar?”

Just as it was growing darker, and not because of the return of winter season, a ray of light came through. There is hope for people like me that want the truth, the whole truth,and nothing but the truth; preferably from the candidates. I discovered, on the Net, Project Vote Smart. This organization, truly devoted to the ideals of truth, justice, and the American Way, is a nonprofit, non partisan group founded by the unlikely team of former presidents Jimmy Carter and Jerry Ford. To get on the Board of Directors, a candidate has to bring a political “enemy.” The Project has created a source of comprehensive information on nearly every politician down to the local dog- catcher. This information is available either through the World Wide Web (http://www.vote-smart.org), telephone (800-622-SMART), or a printed directory.

Try it- for you have nothing to lose but the unsavory insulting political blathering on TV, Radio, and print media while gaining the glaring light of truth.