A BRIEF BIO of Lee Cropp

leeLee Cropp recently retired from the Federal government after 40 some years of service, most of it spent as a writer of one type or another for the Marshall Space Flight Center of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). His civil service career began when he combined his B.A. in journalism with 33 months of training and practical experience as an Army missile guidance repairman, to become a technical writer for the Army’s Field Service Division At Redstone Arsenal. During his terms of ser vice with the Department of Army and NASA, he produced material for the Army’s Corporal, Lacrosse , and Pershing missile systems. At NASA, his words, in one way or another, supported all the Saturn Launch Vehicle Systems, Skylab, and the Space Shuttle Tra nsportation System.

His endeavor have included technical and field manuals, progress reports, speeches, scientific papers, news stories, historical monographs, congressional prepared statements, and motion picture, video, and multimedia productions. He lead a multi-contracto r team in the production of a video series on the Space Shuttle’s design , test and flight. Three of the six-production series won major awards from the U.S. Film and Television Festivals — two Golden Cameras and one Sliver Screen.

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