A Brief Bio of David Brin

brinDavid Brin, Ph.D, has a triple career as scientist, public speaker, and author. His novels, such as The Postman and Startide Rising, have made the New York Times Bestseller List and have won widespread literary acclaim, as well as multiple Hugo and Nebula awards. As a lecturer, Brin is in demand to give talks about various aspects of technology and the human future. His 1990 novel, EARTH, is widely credited as including one of the best prognostications of the world-wide data networks of tomorrow, as well as exploring the shape of environmental problems in the decades ahead. The Postman is being made into a film by Warner Brothers Studios.

As a scientist, Brin was a fellow at the California Space Institute. More recently, he has been an research affiliate at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and participated in interdisciplinary activities at the UCLA Center for the Study of Evolution and the Origin of Life. He now lives in San Diego County with his wife, two infants, and about a hundred very demanding trees.

Articles By David Brin: