From Tess Black’s “Look At Life”

Defining Passion

I had someone say to me recently, “No offense, but I’ve had passion.” Now granted he was trying to preface the remark with something to let me know that it had no bearing on me, but being a woman I could never let a comment like that will go unnoticed.

My first response, as I was sitting there in shock, was-well I have too, and you’re not it buster. However my courtesy finally overcame my outrage. I let it pass. But it got me to thinking about just what is this emotion we so loosely define as passion. And is passion too vague a word to describe what is so often meant in its use?

I am a very passionate person, in my relationships and my dealings with life itself. Was my friend referring to the physical desire, the emotional desire, or both? This was unclear, and the cause of my discomfort. Passion, my friends, is what we make it. It comes to us in flames, and it also comes to us unnoticed. Is the connection any the less intense because it has quietly entered our lives? I think not.

Passion has been for me a strong emotion that has an overpowering or compelling effect. Such as, my passion overcomes my reason. (And it almost did that night, only it wasn’t what is often thought of as passion-I wanted to kick the guy). The rest of the sentence that so unflatteringly rolled off his tongue indicated that he had only had a passion once. What a shame.

As I said passion is everywhere and is what you make of it. For example instead of the instant heat, there is also the long slow burn. You know what I am talking about. Then there is the sudden awakening of feelings for someone who had not quite caught your eye yet. Take the time to get to know people and passion starts popping out all over.

I have passions for my friend. Deep passion, for who he is, what he is, and the friendship we share. And the other kind of passion also.

It seems that we only look for the burning instant feeling when we are describing passion. And with that limited view, we miss the passion that can last a lifetime. The passion that can cement a friendship, and the passion that carries us through each mundane day. Passion is giving of who you are. The understanding and acceptance of the other one in your life. It is deep driving emotion, not the hots for the babe or dude with the great bod and beautiful hair.

Lust and passion are too often interchanged in our lives and our minds. One is not the other, though one can lead to the other. And still I pity my friend for that limited view of passion and for not allowing anyone close enough to share the deepness of passion and the strength of passion.

So speak carefully of what is passion in your life. Desire, friendship, caring, are all elements that make up great passion, and life is too short not to have and share great passions.