Foundations of a New Science

By T.E. Bearden
November 12, 1995

It is a pleasure to accept the offer of John and Larry to write a column in their new InterNet magazine. Theirs is a great venture, and with the energy and knowledge they bring to the task, one can be confident of their success in making this a very interesting and informative publication.

There is a new "rebel" science slowly being born, with most of the work being done outside the universities and orthodox scientific community. In the months ahead it will be my job to try to acquaint you with the gist of what's going on, and what all the excitement is about.

This first article is deliberately just introductory, and its purpose is to interest you in the unusual fields we are going to be covering in more scientific detail, in future columns. We will also be listing a variety of references from the technical literature, which bear upon the various points addressed.

In this first article a little of my own background experience [note 1] is given, so you can decide whether you will be interested in what we have to say!

The real purpose of the column will just be to present information that you may not be able to readily obtain any other way. We will not argue or debate with skeptics; nothing productive is to be gained by that. If the information we present is useful to you, then our purpose has been accomplished. If it isn't of use to you, then just file it in the old wastebasket. Also, from time to time I may answer a generic question, constructed from multiple queries. Individual responses to correspondence cannot be provided.

The work toward a new breakthrough science is going on in a broad spectrum of "fields," most of which are not yet recognized by academia as even constituting legitimate areas of scientific endeavor (Table 1).
Some of the major areas involved are:

  1. theoretical and experimental research in overunity electrical machines,
  2. free energy research of other kinds, such as devices utilizing thermodynamics phase changes,
  3. rapidly advancing efforts in cold fusion,
  4. work on permanent magnet motors,
  5. antigravity research, both theoretical and experimental,
  6. development and utilization of a "hidden" electrodynamics inside the scalar potential (inside voltage),
  7. the "memory" of space and materials; where this "memory" can be deliberately conditioned so that space and the materials themselves become causal actants rather than simple inert entities,
  8. direct engineering of quantum change via a new kind of "hidden electrodynamic variables,"
  9. the direct engineering of the vacuum's virtual photon flux exchange with matter,
  10. action at a distance, including the deliberate formation and usage of quantum potentials,
  11. direct engineering of the local curvature of spacetime (yes, the direct engineering of general relativity, using the new hidden kind of electrodynamics),
  12. use of the new "hidden" electromagnetics to engineer body cells including the reversal of diseased cells, genetics and all, back to a previous healthy state (cellular dedifferentiation, in biophysical terms, or cellular phase conjugation, in physics terminology),
  13. research toward the direct engineering of the mind, including both the conscious and unconscious minds, long-term memory, and the personality itself, and
  14. a ruthless re-examination (and correction where necessary and possible) of the definitions, concepts, and postulates that present physics is founded upon.


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