by Helen Ballo

“Be resolved and the thing is done”. – Chinese Proverb

Dear Reader,
As I embark on this most exciting writing assignment I wish to assure all Horoscope readers that although I am a traditionalist when it comes to adhering to the procedural rules of horoscope charting , I am, none the less, beginning this column with YOUR CHINESE HOROSCOPE . It is my goal to make this column as complete a look into your cosmic paths as is possible.

The origins of Chinese horoscopes have been lost through the mists of the ages. Thousands of years ago oriental astrologers were masters of this timeless art. Chinese astrology continues to intrigue and fascinate man just as it did in ancient times.

According to ancient legend, the Buddha invited all the animals in his kingdom to come to him , on a Chinese New Year. Only twelve animals availed themselves of the invitation and came before Buddha. The first to arrive was the Rat, followed by the Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and finally the Pig.

Buddha rewarded the twelve by naming a year after each animal and those born during that year would inherit some of the personality traits of that animal. Therefore, those born in the year of the Dog would be loyal and faithful- just like the Dog, and those born in the year of the Ox would be hard-working, resolute and stubborn, just like the Ox.

The fascination with Chinese horoscopes becomes apparent as similarities do occur between the person and his sign. There are also five elements which have a strengthening or moderating influence on the Chinese zodiac.

The names of the Chinese zodiac sometimes change in various books but the characteristics are the same. It is semantics mostly.

  • Ox sometimes referred to as Buffalo or Bull
  • Rabbit referred to as Hare or Cat
  • Goat referred to as Sheep
  • Pig referred to as Boar

Following is a listing of all twelve Chinese zodiac signs and their personality traits. I hope you will find yours and enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


The Rat is intelligent, popular, and loves partying. He or she is born under the sign of charm. With remarkable ease the Rat makes friends, and influences people. People are genuinely happy to be around the Rat and they feel relaxed in his or her presence. The Rat is a social creature and is interested in others – their activities, problems and interests. The Rat has a good understanding of human nature and his advice and opinions are usually sought after.

Because he (or she) is interested in people, he is very observant and Rats make excellent detectives, journalists, and writers. He excels at Public Relations work , interacting with people., and any job which brings him into contact with people and the media. He is outgoing, somewhat of an extrovert and is so genuinely interested in people that his questions can be abrasive and prying, however, the Rat himself is a very private individual and keeps his feelings to himself. He would greatly resent being asked the kind of questions he dishes out. He feels it is an intrusion into his privacy and none of their business.The Rat is a self-preservationist and is good in a crises. The Rat will almost always come up with a good solution to find his way out of an awkward situation.

The Rat is a hard worker and should he find himself in a bureaucratic job, can become a stickler for routine and discipline. He loves to be where the action is and is very imaginative and full of new ideas. Sometimes the Rat does not get the recognition and credit he deserves because he lacks self confidence enough to instigate his new ideas.

The Rat is gullible and can be taken in by those less scrupulous than himself, partly because he is an opportunist and is always searching for ways to improve his wealth and lifestyle. Since he is energetic, the Rat sometimes squanders his energies and achieves very little because he has spread himself too thin with many different projects. If he were to slow down and concentrate on one thing at a time he could be successful at anything. However, even though talented at many levels, success many times alludes the Rat.

The Rat is very thrifty with money and to others he can appear to be down right stingy. He can be generous to himself though, if not to others. He finds it difficult to deprive himself of luxury items he may really want. He hates wastefulness and never throws anything away. It is contrary to his mentality to refuse an free meal or ticket to anything. The Rat does not waste.

The Rat has loads of charm and people around him are ready to forgive him almost anything. They will forgive him when he is highly critical of others and indiscreet in voicing his honest opinions. The Rat is a good conversationalist, has a bright nature and people think he’s a great party guest . The Rat will use confidential information if he feels he must , in order to keep the interest up in the conversation. Don’t trust the Rat with secrets.

, The Rat will usually have many friends but he will get along best with another Rat as well as the Ox, Dragon and Monkey. He can also get along with the Tiger, Snake, Rooster, Dog and Pig, but the Goat and Rabbit are sensitive souls who will not like the outspoken Rat. The Rat will be too blunt, brazen,and critical for their tastes. The Horse and Rat will probably never take a liking to each other. The Horse’s changeable moods and independent nature will upset the Rat’s need for a feeling of security and keeping the status quo.

The Rat makes a great relative. He will be a loyal son or daughter, a loving and caring parent and will want a large family. He is family oriented and takes great interest in all family members and their welfare. He does not like solitude and if left alone, he may become depressed.


The Dragon has such an assertive personality and so much will-power, and such a desire to succeed that he (or she) will often reach the top of his chosen profession. He has leadership qualities and will do well in positions where he can put his own ideas into use. Blessed is the boss who hires the Dragon and leaves him alone and lets him use his own judgment, talents and abilities. You will usually find the Dragon in a leadership role. He is the manager of his department, the owner of the business, the show-business star, the anchorman of the news, or a successful politician. He can’t be anything else but the best or die trying.

The Dragon believes in his own abilities and runs the risk of being over-confident. After all he can make errors like the rest of us but he just doesn’t believe it. While this trait can be disastrous, that very same trait supplies the tenacity for the Dragon to bounce back and try again till he gets it right. That’s why he’s so often at the top.

The self-sufficient Dragon revels in his self-sufficiency and cherishes his independence so much that he, above all other signs , will sometimes remain single throughout his life. The Dragon loves the feeling of independence and freedom even if in the midst of a large family. If he marries at all, he will usually marry young. The Dragon is well suited to the Snake, Rat, Monkey and Rooster. The Rabbit, Pig, Horse and Goat will very much like the Dragon and will go against their own personality traits to join in with the Dragon on one of his escapades. Two Dragons will get along wonderfully, for each of them gives the other enough space and independence and fosters that all important feeling of freedom. The Ox and Dog will find the Dragon too impulsive and extroverted and though attracted to his good-looks, they will back off when the Dragon opens his mouth. The Tiger and Dragon are at odds with one another. Both are very strong-willed, and both insist on taking the lead. Both will speak their minds. regardless of the feeling of the other. A volatile match for friend or lover – it won’t last.

In China, the leader of the carnival is most always the Dragon. He is blessed with the sign of luck. The Dragon is, by nature, physically attractive,. He will be a beautiful baby, a cute child and an attractive adult without even trying. This is truly the lucky sign of the zodiac. Although his good looks will first attract people, his charisma and the self-confidence he exudes will hold their interest. He will have many friends and will nearly always be the center of attention. The female Dragon has an earthy, natural beauty. which exerts a sort of magnetism. The female Dragon and female Tiger will be the two most attractive women in any room. The female Tiger has a more sophisticated and pampered quality. Although the female Tiger will see the female Dragon as competition the Dragon innocently sees the Tiger as merely a friend she hasn’t met as of yet.. Both the male and female Dragon enjoy being in the limelight and is often at his best when in a tight situation and confronted with difficult social problem. He always has an opinion and doesn’t mind telling you what it is even if it’s controversial. He is used to attracting attention from an early age and is at ease speaking to crowds whether from a podium or a bar stool. Whether speaking to ten people or ten million people, its all the same to him because of his self-confidence.

The Dragon is a traveler and likes it that way. The more exotic and off the beaten path a destination the more the Dragon will like it. The adventurous streak in the Dragon will take him to far away places most people don’t even care to go. He is a good traveler except for his impatience. The Dragon hates delays and can get extremely upset and irritable over even the smallest of hold-ups. Since he lives for the moment, there is nothing that riles him more than to be kept waiting. He thinks life is a valuable gift and he wouldn’t think of wasting a moment of it. Wasting his time is like robbing him of his most precious possession which he can never get back.

The Dragon has considerable energy and is not afraid of long hard work in order to achieve his goal. He doesn’t even see it as working hard. It is merely what he must do to accomplish his goal. He is not one to dwell on the doing of the work for its own sake , but rather, will do his best at his work because he already envisions himself at the goal line. He has an ability to think nothing is impossible and visualize himself successfully achieving his goal.

Because the Dragon is innately honest he thinks other people are as well. He takes people at their word and for such a sophisticated traveler and head for business, he is gullible and can easily be duped. If he discovers that his trust has been abused or been played for a fool, he can sometimes become very bitter and he will carry a grudge for a lifetime. He is clever and intelligent and will make a formidable enemy if provoked. Luckily it is hard to provoke him, for it must be a serious betrayal. He is somewhat of a perfectionist and the same high standards he holds for himself he also holds for others..He is quick to criticize and cannot understand the concept of not having a constant goal to work toward, whether it be self-improvement through wealth, travel, education, or experience. He is determined and ambitious. He is a proud character and very lively. No moss grows on this rolling stone.


The Ox is sincere, loyal and unpretentious. He (or she) is very down-to earth character who is reserved and may appear aloof to others. The Ox has a quiet nature, but lurking within are tremendous amounts of ambition and drive that nobody suspects is there.Beneath the surface he is very strong-willed and likes to have his way. He is courageous and is ready to fight for what he believes is right regardless that the consequences to himself could be disastrous. He does not make a show of his courage and inner strength but somehow people who get to know him admire these traits. They admire his strong and resolute manner as well as his courage. He (or she) would make an excellent military soldier if only there wasn’t so much moving and change involved.

The Ox is born under the sign of tenacity and eveness. An Ox is a conscientious worker and tackles each job in a methodical and determined manner. He has a tough and uncompromising nature which can be bad or good depending on his judgment. Stubbornness and obstinance are in the fore front of his personality. The Ox usually gets his own way but can be a poor loser should things go against him. He will take any defeat very badly because of his serious nature. He knows what his life goals are. This is not a person who is confused by life but one who will not be deflected from his path.

The Ox has a high degree of responsibility and takes his duties very seriously. He is sincere and places trust in his friends and colleagues. His friends admires his quiet fortitude but wish that this loner would open up and reveal himself a little more. The Ox is his own person and will not be swayed by peer pressure as a child, teen or adult. He has the courage to be his own person even if it is different from the crowd.

By nature the Ox has a calm and tranquil personality but can have an awful temper if he feels his trust has been trampled on. Not particularly renowned for his sense of humor the Ox is more of a studious deep-thinker. He likes things to be familiar and doesn’t seek out travel, new fads, gimmicks, or anything too innovative. He’s a traditionalist who prefers the conventional norm. Subsequently his home is a very important place to him. It is his private sanctuary and he prefers his family to stay close around him. His home is neat and organized although he is a hoarder and he expects his family to tow the line in neatness and punctuality. Better not keep him waiting for no good reason or you will witness his temper first hand.

Being a settled country gentleman with a large garden to tend, a house to take care of and a family would suit the Ox to a tee. No job or house change is in his plans once he is settled. He will make friends but it will take a long time to establish a friendship . His courtship will be a long one to find his life mate but once found he will be a devoted, loyal and hard working husband. The Ox is well-suited to the Rat, Rabbit, Snake and Rooster. He could also get along with the Monkey, Dog, Pig and another Ox. He will have nothing in common with the whimsical Goat and he will find it hard to get along with Horse, Dragon, and Tiger. The Ox prefers a quiet and peaceful existence and these three signs tend to be too impulsive, loud, and lively for his liking.

A more dependable and dedicated individual you will never find and he will usually do well in his chosen career. Because of the Ox’s tenacity he does well in agriculture and careers which take years of specialized training such as surgeons and engineers. The Ox loves music , perhaps it appeals to his internal philosophizing, and many Oxen have enjoyed considerable success as composers. The Ox is not an outgoing people person , and his career choices usually reflect this fact. Nonetheless, he inspires confidence and trust and people love feeling safe around him. Although he doesn’t seek out admirers, the Ox has many , but he just doesn’t know it.


The Tiger is born under the sign of courage. He (or she) is very quick-witted and alert and always on top of things. An original thinker, the Tiger is always brimming with new ideas and enthusiasm for some new scheme or project. The Tiger has tremendous energy and is a very charismatic figure. The female Tiger is usually known for her well-groomed appearance. Never a hair out of place, always the most stylish clothes, the female Tiger is always one of the most attractive women in the room. The female Dragon will be her competition in the looks department, but unlike the female Dragon, who exudes an earthy natural beauty, the Tiger will exude a more sophisticated and pampered kind of beauty. Unlike the Dragon, the Tiger knows she is beautiful and revels in it. Many models are born under the Tiger sign. Both the male and female tigers are charismatic figures and are not afraid to voice their firm views and opinions.

The Tiger adores a challenge and competition. He (or she) is prepared to take risks in business as well as his love life if something catches his imagination. He will risk everything for what attracts his fancy. He will not be bound by convention or the dictates of others. It is not surprising to see the Tiger cast off his job , position or marriage in order to go off and do what he wants to do. The Tiger has a restless nature and will experience freedom at all costs. Once the Tiger has acquired this new life, new romance, new thing that was so tantalizing to him, he will soon tire of it and cast it away. It is imperative for the Tiger to continue having the feeling that he is free to do as he wishes. He loves challenges and sometimes the “getting” of the thing he has gone after is the best part of the experience for him. The chase is the “thing”. Once the thing has been “gotten” the allure is no longer there. The Tiger is so impulsive that he himself regrets his own impulsiveness, but he cannot help himself. He is quick to act on those yearnings which engulf him. It is difficult for the restless Tiger to enjoy a great deal of success because he never sticks to anything long enough to accomplish the goal in which he sets for himself.

Because of constant change in his life it is a good thing that he is adaptable. He has an adventurous spirit and doesn’t want to settle in one place for any length of time. In the early stages of life, The Tiger most likely will change career paths several times, his jobs, his residences and his romances. The Tiger is surprisingly honest and forthcoming in his dealings with the people in his life. He will not sneak out of a job or relationship. He will confront the people to be told and tell them he is moving on. He sees nothing wrong with this behavior and thus is not ashamed of living his life according to his own wishes. Courage comes into play again as the Tiger faces life head on. He hates any sort of hypocrisy or falsehood and doesn’t see why people have to lie to each other. he can be rebellious especially against any form of petty authority. The Tiger never avoids his God-given right to stand up for himself and express his opinions. If someone must be confronted, the Tiger doesn’t shirk his duty from lack of courage. This tendency can make him a natural leader and his adaptability could make him a natural for the armed services if he (or she) could avoid feelings of rebelliousness for authority. Very few are to found in the military due to the failure of the Tiger to obey orders.

The Tiger is independent and rarely asks help from others. He does not like to give others credit for his accomplishments and doesn’t suffer from false humbleness. He is too honest for that. He is generous and a little too much of a spendthrift.

The Tiger tries to exude an image, one of attractiveness, dignity,and authority. He wants people to know he is “somebody” and enjoys being treated as special or as a V.I.P. He cares for his reputation but will risk it all to find happiness. The Tiger often marries young and will find his closest match with the Pig, Dog, Horse and Goat. He can get along with the Rat, Rabbit, and Rooster but will find the Ox and Snake too serious and confining for his liking. Just being around a Monkey will irritate him – too mischievous and inquisitive. A Tiger simply cannot get along with another Tiger. He cannot stand a Dragon either for the fact both will want to dominate the relationship and will find it impossible to compromise on even the smallest thing.

It is hard to believe that anyone has ever been bored by a Tiger. Just watching this honest and courageous person lead his wild and energetic life is a source of inspiration for others.


The Rabbit is born under the signs of virtue and prudence. The Rabbit attaches a great importance to his home and will often spend a great deal of money and time to furnish it, maintain it, and update it. He (or she) enjoys his creature comforts. He is a collector and derives much pleasure from collecting antiques, stamps, art, coins, or anything else that interests him. The Rabbit loves to entertain and exhibit his collections. He does not collect or display with a pretentious “show off” attitude but honestly enjoys sharing these things which give him great pleasure,. He hopes that his collections in turn might give his friends some pleasure as well. He enjoys the finer things in life and usually has very good taste. He will gravitate to the finest clothes and the finest restaurants in town.

The Rabbit is methodical and conscientious. He makes a good lawyer, diplomat, administrator or priest. He is the most excellent of communicators and excels in any job in which he can show- case his remarkable skill in this area. He tends to be loyal to his employers and makes the best employee an employer could imagine. He is honest, respected by all and has a high degree of integrity. If the Rabbit ever finds himself in a position of great power he will expect these traits in those who work under him and can become authoritarian. He is a witty and intelligent speaker and loves to be in a good discussion. He is always discreet and diplomatic and can be relied on to preserve the peace in an argument and never to raise his voice in anger. He avoids confrontation and will let insults slide to keep the peace.

The Rabbit likes to think out a problem and does not like to be rushed into making a quick and sudden decision. He hates to be in a situation that is fraught with tension. He is a cautious planner and does not like to take risks. Basically, he likes a secure, calm and stable environment without change. He is always happy to leave things just as they are. You will not find the Rabbit picketing with signs for a change in the status quo.

The Rabbit is not the most faithful of signs when it comes to marriage. He is best suited to the Goat, Snake, Pig and Ox. Due to his sociable and easy-going manner he can also get along with another Rabbit, the Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Monkey, and Dog. He will feel ill-at-ease with the Rat and the Rooster as both these signs tend to want to confront and speak their minds in a critical way. The Rabbit loathes any form of criticism or unpleasantness.

The Rabbit will rarely be short of admirers and will often have several serious romances before settling down. Having a ” significant other” in his life will be very important to him even if he is not faithful. The Rabbit takes considerable care with his appearance. Much time and effort is put into looking smart and well turned out. You will not see a Rabbit underdressed for an occasion. As a matter of fact, he will be chic and appropriately dressed at all times for any occasion. Both the female and male Rabbit wish to be more than average looking and use everything at their disposal to become more attractive. The Rabbit believes if he was not born conforming to society’s idea of beauty then there must be a way around this impediment. He (or she) will then strive to be the best dressed, the best spoken, the best groomed, the wittiest conversationalist, ect. And you know what? He usually is the best.


The Snake is born under the sign of wisdom. He (or she) generally has a calm and placid nature and prefers a nice quiet life. The Snake does not like a frenzied atmosphere and hates having to make quick decisions. He does not like to ask for advice and does not like to take it. He derives much pride and pleasure from the thought that he relies on his own judgment. The Snake can at times appear to be a loner. He is quiet and reserved and communicating with others is not his best skill. He does, however, have a good sense of humor and can be calm in a crises situation.

The Snake is a deep-thinker and highly intelligent. He has considerable skills and is always looking for an opportunity to show-case these talents. He likes to meditate and reflect. Because of these traits he is a good organizer and planner. He enjoys a challenge because it will give him an opportunity to ponder and produce a solution. These introverted thought processes make the Snake seem evasive . That’s because he is. The Snake harbors a basic sense of distrust for others and becomes secretive because of this trait. He is not gullible and almost never gets “taken” by con men.

The Snake is a hard worker and is thorough in all his endeavors. He is determined and can become quite ruthless in his pursuit of a goal. He has confidence in himself that he can achieve goals and has the will-power needed to work himself hard. But when the Snake fails he looks at this as an unfair event and is crushed by it. He cannot bear failure and is a very bad loser. In turn if he thinks his trust has been abused he can be very hurt.

The Snake chooses his friends very carefully. He can be generous to friends with his time and his money but he demands loyalty from a friend and a reciprocated friendship. The Snake is very possessive and can be very jealous of both friends and lovers.

The snake is a late starter in life and during his life he will shed one of his famous Snake skins and take up new interest or start a whole new and different career. It simply takes him awhile to find happiness with the right job or spouse. The Snake is well suited to jobs which involved research and writing and where he is given freedom to pursue his own ideas.

The good-looking James Bond type at the casino table is most assuredly a snake. Rakishly handsome and a relentless gambler, the Snake is the most awful gambler in all the Zodiac. The female Snake will be attractive. She will have style , a cool demeanor, beautiful and expensive clothes ,and be very alluring. She will glide across a room with a natural grace and almost a royal stance. Both the male and female snake will have many admirers and many romances before settling down. They will exude an air of self-confidence even if they don’t necessarily have it.

The Snake appreciates the finer things in life and enjoys treating himself well. He has an appreciation for fine food, fine wine, fine art and literature. He is drawn to the occult and enjoys reading and studying philosophy and New Age subjects. He is very intuitive and is often physic. He relies on his physic abilities and gut feelings more than he realizes. And if asked ” How did you know that?”, he will truthfully answer, “I don’t know.”. Although not the most energetic member of the Chinese zodiac, the Snake has an inquiring mind and many Snakes are great thinkers. He prefers to proceed at his own pace and is very much the master of his own life. Another characteristic of the Snake is his susceptibility to high blood pressure and nervous disorders. He must be careful to guard against these ailments because of his nervous energy and holding many problems within himself. Remember the Snake will not ask for help. But the most important thing for a Snake to guard against is his love of gambling. It can become an obsession and destroy the life path he has set for himself.

The Snake is well suited for relationships with the Ox, Dragon, Rabbit and Rooster. He can also get along well with the Rat, Horse, Goat, Monkey and Dog provided they do not cramp his style and he feels that he has sufficient freedom. The Snake has trouble getting along with the down-to-earth Pig. He will find the Tiger too wild and disruptive for his peace-loving ways. The Snake is happiest when left to chart his own course and proceed on that course in his own due time. Trying to rush him will make you both miserable.


The Horse is born under the sign of elegance and ardor. He(or she) is usually popular with others and has a most engaging and charming manner. He is a party animal and loves meeting new people. While other signs of the Chinese Zodiac shrink from parties because they “won’t know anybody”, that is the Horse’s cup of tea. He will be anxious to attend a party where he doesn’t know people. The larger the party, the more he will like it. He will try to become the center of attention, and usually does with his lively manner. and eloquent speech. His leadership qualities are apparent to anyone who takes the time for a discussion with him. He has an agile mind and good memory. Although he does not back away from debate, he has a quick and fiery temper that he himself regrets. He cares very much for how others perceive him and does not want to be an outsider or ignored. However don’t trust the Horse with a secret because he is almost sure to blurt it out.

The Horse likes to have the support and encouragement of others despite the fact he can’t stand petty rules and regulations. If he feels you are behind him in his endeavor then you can point the way and criticize all you like, but if he feels you are not trying to support him then he will become defiant. He can be a tireless worker and enjoys a challenge. Success is very important to the Horse. It can become the foremost item in his life and can be an obsession. Sorry to say, the business executive who works till he drops is most probably a Horse. Should the Horse fail at his work, unlike the Dragon who will bounce back, the Horse will recover slowly, if at all. Remember, to the Horse, success means everything and to fail is a humiliation.

The Horse is conservative with his money and manages it well. He enjoys traveling and loves exotic places. During some stage of his life, he may live abroad in order to have a different life experience. He will be at ease with this as the Horse is an adaptable being who enjoys having variety in his life. He may even try several different careers on for size before he selects one that offers him the challenge and variety he requires. He will excel in any job which calls upon him to interact with people. He will like school only if it is challenging and ever changing. Routine and boredom will cause him to make drastic changes in his life.

The Horse gets on well with the Tiger, Goat, Rooster and Dog. He is bored by the Ox, who appears to the Horse as a stick-in-the-mud. The Horse will not like the Monkey or the Rat. He will not like the Monkey’s inquisitive ways, or the Rat’s need for security. And both of these signs will resent the independent ways of the Horse. The Horse will like the Dragon who will give him a lot of freedom and space and be a good travel companion. They will admire one another. He will also like another Horse, the Rabbit, Snake and Pig.

The Horse likes to wear colorful clothes that can border on the garish. He likes to look up-to-date and doesn’t mind spending a lot of money to appear so. Both the male and female Horse is attractive. They will look like the tan outdoorsy type. The male Horse will inevitably seek out the female Tiger. She fits his bill to a tee. She will be the beautiful and striking show-off wearing the bright red dress and the Horse will want to be seen with her. The female Horse will be a great sport enthusiast and will enjoy outdoor activities. With her beautiful hair and good sense of humor she will make a favorable impression on men, especially those who seek a companion who will roll with the punches and will travel. Beware her temper.

The Horse ( both sexes) can be stubborn and selfish but if he curbs his temper, it is possible to make a number of friends. His energetic nature means that he is always on the go. A horse’s life will rarely ever be dull.


The Goat is born under the sign of art. He (or she) is an easy-going person who prefers to live in a relaxed and tension-free environment. He is creative and artistic and can get along with nearly everyone. He hates unpleasantness and discord . He instinctively shies away from confrontation but is not a push-over. The Goat is meticulous and a perfectionist in his work. He is not a fast worker however, but rather a quality worker. When he starts a project , he is certain to give it his best effort.

The Goat likes the support and encouragement that comes from working on a team. He is a real team-player and needs the feeling of sharing the work responsibilities. If left alone he will brood over work problems and would much rather have others make the major decisions. He knows he is talented and creative but also knows he is no leader. He doesn’t understand why anyone would want to be the head man, the manager, the President, or the general. He is no mindless follower , however. If he feels strongly about an issue he will speak up and sway everyone with his precision and strength of will. He has a very persuasive nature and employs his considerable charm to get his own way. If the Goat has nothing to persuade you of he will keep quiet because he has a reserved nature. He can be highly amusing and can be a marvelous host at a party because he can make people feel at ease. He gets along well with almost everyone. Compared to some of the other Chinese zodiac personalities, the Goat could possibly be the center of attention at a party but just can’t compete for the spotlight with the Dragon , Tiger or Horse.

Of all the signs of the Chinese zodiac, the Goat is the most gifted when it comes to the arts. He will be the great actor, writer, artist, or musician. The Goat is an enigma in that he is a born creator which is mostly a solitary occupation. But even in this artistic realm he must have people working with him. The rock star who insists on a large retinue and a string of managers that decide everything for him, is probably a Goat. The Goat’s spotlight is not at the party,. It is with his artistic endeavors. That’s where he will shine. Many a Goat when met in a social circumstance will not seem to stand out from the crowd , but up on stage performing his art, you will wonder why you didn’t take note of this magnificent and talented person when first you met.

The Goat prefers living in the country and loves nature, animals and is often quite religious. He is not good with money , although the Goat tends to have a lot of it. Having money is the outcome of being very successful with his art form. The Goat usually leaves home young in order to pursue his art but usually enjoys a good and lasting relationship with his family. After all, he did not leave home because of unhappiness but rather because his art lured him away. He can be quite nostalgic over his childhood and will keep mementos. He regrets that childhood had to end but he himself made the decision to end it early.

The Goat’s home will also be an enigma. It will be untidy, strewn, and cluttered but very clean. There may be lots of things lying about but there will be no dust or dirt. The Goat likes cleanliness but clutter does not bother him. After all HE knows where everything is. The Goat’s taste in home furnishings is excellent, probably because of his artistic nature . His home will be filled with good and original art as well as furniture which the Goat himself may have designed and commissioned. His surroundings are important to him. The Goat also likes originality and art in his style of dress. The Goat may design and sew all of his or her clothing, not from a financial viewpoint, but from an artistic one. If the Goat chooses to cook, he or she will raise it to an art form.

The Goat is best suited to the Tiger,Horse,Monkey, Pig and Rabbit because he likes a serious and stable relationship. He can also establish a good relationship with another Goat. He can get on well with the Dragon, Snake, and Rooster provided he doesn’t smother them with too much togetherness. The Ox and Dog are too serious for his liking and he will abhor the Rat’s thrifty ways and always be fighting about money.

The Goat has a kind and understanding nature that can easily win friends. The key to happiness for the Goat is to guard against stubbornness, avoid being too clingy with others, and to enjoy using his boundless artistic talents.


The Monkey is born under the sign of fantasy. He (or she) is intelligent, eager to learn, well-read and usually likes school. He has above average linguistic skills and will pick up languages quickly and easily. His good memory enables him to be most convincing when debating over the facts. He is persuasive because he is a good talker. The fact that he debates in a friendly and self-assured manner makes him likable and easy to talk to. The Monkey excels at politics and public speaking and most people take to him instantly. He could sell a popsicle to an Eskimo and will be a success at any type of selling. He makes a good teacher and is good at any PR work.

The Monkey will seize any opportunity to make a quick gain . He does not want to plod toward his goals. He wants the goal, now, not later. Because of his intelligence he can be quite crafty, cunning and clever. It is this impatience that makes him act too quickly and colors his judgment, because before he realizes, he has done something dishonest and illegal. He has so much confidence in his own opinion that he will rarely listen to the advice of others. The end goal justifies the means , so the Monkey believes. He will give advice when asked but HE will not be asking for any. The crafty con-man who is outsmarting his victim will be a Monkey.

The Monkey is a self-preservationist. He likes to think up a way out of the dilemma he has made for himself. He will even help you think up a way out of your problem also, just for the sheer pleasure of problem solving. He is an original thinker who loves his freedom. If he feels that he is confined or hemmed- in he will become depressed and seek a way out. The spouse of a Monkey must give the level of independence that he requires, or else. Although the Monkey is not materialistic , he likes to spend money. He will easily spend on luxury items that he wants without any later regrets. He also can become very envious if someone else has got what he wants.

The Monkey should guard against hopping from one job or project to another. He lacks persistence and then later wonders why he is not more successful in life. To the Monkey, boredom is a sin . It becomes a paramount endeavor to avoid this plague of all plagues – boredom. He may seem erratic in his lifestyle but the Monkey simply hates monotony and will overturn his present life to avoid it. However the Monkey is intelligent and learns from his mistakes. He is also a good loser. When his plans go wrong, he will shrug his shoulders and mark it up to experience.

The Monkey loves to travel and to impress people. His ideal vacation would be to travel around cities in a white stretch limousine. He can see and be seen, and that’s how he likes it. People are usually impressed by the Monkey anyway, without his efforts. They will be impressed by his good looks, his self-confidence, and his sense of humor. He usually gets his own way because he is so impressive. People will also admire that beautiful head of hair. He will have plenty of admirers and followers who want to emulate his lively style and colorful life.

The Monkey likes variety in his love life and may change partners depending on that all important freedom issue. He must feel that he is the master of his fate . A relationship between two Monkeys will be a good one. They will assist and understand one another. The Rooster, Horse and Tiger will have no patience for the Monkey’s tricks but the Ox, Rabbit, Snake and Dog will be fascinated by the Monkey. They will hang on his every word and try to emulate him. They will become his groupies. The Monkey himself will like the Rat, Dragon, Pig and Goat because they are also out-going and sociable.


The Rooster is born under the sign of candor. He (or she) is intelligent and usually well educated. He has good language skills and loves a debate and lively discussion. The Rooster has a colorful personality that is flamboyant. He has opinions and doesn’t mind sharing them but sometimes he can be tactless and hurt others , although it is not his intention. The Rooster also can be volatile and too quick to act on a whim.
Many of the Chinese zodiac signs stand in awe of the Rooster because of his dignified manner and air of confidence. He exudes authority and likes to present this image. If ever you were at a social function and thought the person you just met must own the place, then he (or she) must be a Rooster.

One distinctive characteristic of the Rooster is that he carries a notepad around with him all the time in order to jot down things he does not want to forget. He is orderly , precise and methodical . He is always organized and wants to keep it that way. He is good at handling financial matters and is capable of achieving great wealth. The Rooster uses money wisely but must guard against being a spendthrift.

The Rooster can be unrealistic in his goals sometimes because he is so very ambitious that the sky is the limit. He will set goals that nobody could reach. He will not listen to advice from others concerning the setting of these goals. He feels that he knows best. He can be self-centered and stubborn but is liked for his good qualities: honesty, reliability, and trustworthiness. All who come into contact with the Rooster can see these wonderful traits. He holds the trust of others although he does not know it. He is well liked and will have many friends. The Rooster loves to attend weddings and other large social functions. He often belongs to several different societies or clubs and is involved with an eclectic variety of interests. His favorite clubs will have to do with the environment, gardening, and with humanitarian clubs having to do with the welfare of others. He will get great pleasure from gardening.

The Rooster is generally very distinguished in his appearance and loves jobs which have to do with the wearing of a uniform. He will wear the uniform with pride and dignity and loves being an authority figure. Even if he is not overly attractive, people will look upon the Rooster as neat and very striking in his or her uniform. He takes great delight in being the center of attention and likes to be in contact with the media. He will make a good teacher, PR person, or newscaster.

The Rooster likes a large family and holds the education of his children in high regard. He is a very loyal husband and is well-suited to the Snake, Horse, Ox and Dragon. He can tolerate the Rat, Tiger, Goat and Pig only so long as they do not interfere in his spending time on his clubs and activities. The Rabbit will not like the Rooster as the Rooster will be too blunt and forthcoming for the Rabbit. The Rooster can not stand the Monkey and is exasperated by the Monkey’s crafty ways. The Monkey and the Dog do not get along well.

The Rooster is talented and capable and usually makes a favorable impression wherever he goes. He must guard against his temper and be less blunt in order to get through life a little more smoothly.


The Dog is born under the signs of loyalty and anxiety. He (or she) exudes confidence whever he goes and is admired for his dignity and carriage. He is a good judge of character and can asses people better than any other sign of the Chinese zodiac. His assessments are quick and sure. He is a very direct person who will not skirt around the issues and prefers others to do the same. Never vague, you will always know where you stand with the Dog. Although he speaks frankly, the Dog will wisely listen to others and try to garner every bit of information before coming to a decision of his own. The Dog will be happy to give advice and will be happy to take some , too. He is a very helpful person and dislikes to turn down a friend in need.

The Dog hates injustice and if he feels someone has been treated unjustly, he will do everything in his power to help right the wrong. He is honorable and expects others to be the same. He is always ready to aid a good cause and he is well liked and admired for this characteristic.

The Dog is not a social being although he is very freindly. He is a one-on-one person who would rather have a small quiet dinner with friends rather than attend a large, noisey party. He dislikes large socail functions such as weddings and dances. The Dog can shine at small affairs with his excellent conversational skills and sense of humor, but he tends to become invisible in a large crowd, and he knows it.

The Dog does have a temper but is always cool in a crises. He is loyal and trustworthy and expects those traits from his friends. He will be badly hurt if a friend betrays those traits. He is capable of holding a grudge all of his life and is given to bouts of worrying and fretting.. Sometimes his view of the world is quite pessimistic. Many times his biggest worries are of his own making and in reality are trivial problems that other signs of the zodiac would not give a thought to.

The Dog is a very intuitive person and uses this talent to help make his decisions. For a career, the Dog prefers to specialize and become an expert in his chosen field. He usually does well in jobs in which he feels he is dealing with the welfare of others in a positive capacity. He sometimes has trouble setting goals . He may go through his entire life without setting that special goal for himself. The Dog cannot get motivated without a goal and since he is not good at setting goals for himself , he will not be quite as successful financially as some of the other signs. This is alright with the Dog, however, because he is not materialistic and does not measure success with financial gain. He will be unhappy if he does not have enough money to support his family, though.

The Dog is a physically attractive sign and can look very muscular and well shaped. He will make a a loyal husband but not a an easy person to get along with. He will demand that his spouse adhere to the same high degree of loyalty as he does. The Dog can get along with another Dog and with the Horse, Pig, Tiger and Monkey. The Dragon will be too flamboyant for the Dog. The Goat will be too imaginative and the Rooster too irritating for the Dog but the Rat, Ox , Rabbit and Snake will be a good match.

The Dog is great with kids and can be an affectionate and playful parent. Children will love the Dog parent. He will be caring and giving and will have a tendency to worry over his offspring.. The Dog will lead an active life full of good works and the world will be a better place for his having been born.


The Pig is born under the sign of honesty. He (or she) is very popular with others and enjoys other peoples’s company. He is a joiner and likes clubs and societies. He will be a loyal member and will never shirk his duty as a club member. He is an excellant fundraiser and loves to be involved with charity work and humanitarian groups.

The Pig is a hard worker and is well respected for his integrity, honesty, and reliability. People recognize these traits in the Pig and he is valued for them at his work place. He is known for his unselfish giving of time and energies to anyone who needs them. He is a kind and understanding person who is known for his peace-maker abilities. He tries to avoid discord and unpleasantness and always strives for a peaceful solution to problems. He hates falsehood and deception and will not tolerate injustice or illegal pursuits. However his forgiving nature makes him a liberal when it comes to law and order issues. He is never vindictive and will forgive and forget very easily.

The Pig has such a generous nature that he is an easy mark for those who will take advantage of a generous person. He is rather naive and gullible and can be taken by unscrupulous persons. If this happens it causes the Pig to wise up and learn from his mistakes. He will become more self-reliant from this experience and a little less trusting, which will be a good thing. The Pig has a hard time saying “no”, because he simply wants to help everyone. He loves to entertain and to please others. The Pig may becaome a famous show-biz personality, not for the money or fame but because he wants to bring pleasure to others through his talent. One characteristic trait of the Pig is his tendency to become a fan. He likes to follow the careers and lives of the famous. The loyal Elvis fan who treks to Graceland is most probably a Pig.

The Pig tends to spend his money and not worry about it. He likes luxury and doesn’t mind paying for it. He works hard but likes to play hard also. The Pig knows how to have a good time and is a pleasure-seeker. He is a lover of good food and wine and knows all the best restaurants. He has always recovered quickly from set-backs so he reasons he will bounce back financilly as well. He has great faith that everything will work out in the long run because it has in the past. Once he has made up his mind, nothing can change it and he can be quite stubborn at times.

The Pig loves creature comforts and will have a home that is geared toward this end. He will have the latest appliances and electronic equipment to make his life more enjoyable. He prefers the country instead of town and prefers small intimate parties that center around food rather than big social events. The Pig loves to garden and is good at it. He will expend lots of time and evergy in his garden and be very proud of it. There is no in-btween with the Pig in regards to housekeeping. The Pig is either an organized and tidy housekeeper or his home is a disorgaized mess.

The Pig is popular with the opposite sex and will date a lot before settling down. He makes a loyal spouse and is protective of his children. The Pig can get along with almost anyone but not the Snake. The Snake tends to be wiley, secretive and distrusting. These are traits the Pig cannot accept. The Snake does not like the Pig any more that the Pig likes the Snake. They will irritate one another. The Pig is well liked and affable and can maintain freindships with almost all the Chinese Zodiac signs. He will have many admirers, friends and will help others. People will be better off for knowing the Pig.